Fair skin: find the right make-up products for your skin tone

The majority of women are not contempt with their fair skin tone, but you should not feel the same, because you are the lucky winner of a Snow White skin tone, which helps you achieve a resembling to the porcelain doll look, if you use the right products. The fact is that it can be a little challenging to find the right makeup products for your complexion, but you only have to have patience, and do a little of research before purchasing anything. Therefore when looking in a fashion store for makeup products, you should consider not only your skin tone, but also the undertones beneath it. For example, if you want to buy a new foundation, you might find difficult to decide which one is the right product, because there are plenty of options from different brands. In addition, some of the shades from the same colour range might look identical, and you might think that only their names differ. Well, for example if a product comes in Ivoire C, Ivoire W, and Ivoire N, you should know that these last letters come from the undertones.

You skin tone be light on the surface, but beneath it, there might be a blue, red or pink undertone, which are correspondent to the C, cool shade. The W comes from the warm undertones, which can be golden, peach or yellow, and the N comes from neutral, which is considered as a blend between warm and cool undertones. When selecting makeup products, the undertones play a major role, and you should not ignore them. Finding the right blush for a fair skin tone might be challenging, and the majority of women tend not to use this product. Many of the products you would find on the market would be too stark, and they would not provide you that natural look you want to achieve. For you the ideal shades would be the coral, peach and pink ones, depending on the undertones your skin features. When having fair skin tone, you do not even consider buying a bronzer, because you have the impression that it would not suit you.

Well, you should know that you could rock bronzer in different ways, because you have the option to use it to contour your face. You can select a sheer shade for adding a little colour to your cheeks. However, the main rule for you would be less is more, because if you use too much bronzer everyone would be able to notice it, and you would not look natural. When having fair skin tone the eye shadows should blend with it, because if you use rosy shades, you will look sick. Also, if you use dark hues they might create a bruise impression. Therefore, you can choose any of the bronze tones, metallic shades or jewel-tones. Even grey would look great with your skin tone, so do not be afraid to experiment with eye shadow. When it comes to lipstick, you can wear both bright and bold colours, because they look wonderful on you, and show up your natural beauty.

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