What does tattoo placement actually say about you?

There are tonnes of reasons why people decide to get a tattoo. Whether it’s because it means something to them, because it makes them be more self-confident, or just because it goes well on their bodies, more and more people of all ages, have decided to get tattoos and the number is still increasing. Before going to a tattoo studio, the most common place to search for tattoo inspiration is the internet. It’s easier than ever to put images to go with the ideas in your head, along with finding the portfolios of top artists worldwide they might want to get tattooed by. Whether they keep the same tattoo or bring some slight changes to it, a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and placement is just as important as design.

You should know that the location of your tattoo on the body could say a lot more about you than you would have imagined. For instance, placing a tattoo on the left side of the body signifies it is something very meaningful for you, or at least this is what an old tattoo proverb says. Considering that the heart is aligned slightly to the left side of your chest, there could be some meaning to this.

Those who opt for tattooing their forearms with skulls, guns, anchors and so on want to display toughness and strength, which is characteristic of intense or fierce people. On the other hand, if the forearm has a tattoo that represents some birds flying out of a dandelion, the significance definitely changes. Those people might want to show the fact that they are tough on the outside, but they are a sensitive soul.

Those Western tribal tattoos that can also be seen in a tattoo magazine do not necessarily have a meaning and people who opt for them are usually those very fond of the way their bodies look, such as bodybuilders. Tribal tattoos are loved mostly for the way they flow on the curves of someone’s body and do not have a specific meaning. The same cannot be said for Maori and Samoan tribal tattoos, which are steeped in cultural and historic meaning.

If you go for a tattoo placed behind the ear, this might tell a lot about you. First, it might mean that you are a free spirit since it is placed somewhere that can be easily seen. However, it can still be covered by hair, especially if you are a girl, which can be useful for still looking professional and discreet at work.

People who opt for chest tattoos might also mean that they are sensitive type of persons since these are also placed close to the heart. In this case, the dimension of the tattoo might have greater significance, though. If it is something big that covers nearly all the chest, it might mean that you have suffered a lot in the past from a breakup or something affected you deeply, and you might not have gotten over it yet. If it is a smaller one, like a quote or a symbol, it might mean that you had the power to move on already.

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