Heart health secrets you should not keep from your cardiologist

The sad reality is that half a million people in the US die from heart disease each year, and the height of the stress levels of the last years has certainly made its contribution. The problem is that most people know very little about the importance of rushing to the doctor’s office or scheduling an appointment with a cardiologist NYC in order to address their own symptoms. Even though people notice that their heart is in trouble, they ignore the issue for a couple of months thinking that everything will be okay. You should not do the same thing. What happens if you ignore your symptoms is that they will continue to get worse in time, and you inevitably get to the point where you feel that you have an elephant sitting on your chest.

Denial is your biggest enemy and it is wrong to think that you are the exception to the rule. You should not withhold important information that can be lifesaving, even if you are afraid to know the truth about your condition. Taking to the best cardiologist NYC will relieve you of anxiety and will allow you to focus on what is the most important: your health. When your cardiologist asks you “How are things?” your general response should not be “I am peachy.” It is never a good idea to distort important information from a medical physician whom you entrust with your care. There are secrets that you should not keep from your doctor.

The doctor should know just about everything that you are taking, including vitamins or supplements. Certain supplements pose serious risks to people who are taking heart medication, reason why your cardiologist needs to make sure that there are no dangerous interactions between them and the drugs you are taking. For instance, Gingko can recklessly interact with blood pressure medications. You should also inform your doctor if you have not been taking your medicine regularly. It is wrong to assume that blood pressure or cholesterol medication are not necessary if they alter your diet. On the contrary, they may just be prolonging your life. Another potential problem arises when the physician gives you a higher does for an unchanged cholesterol level, when you are not taking the lower one.

Equally important is telling your healthcare professional if you are going through stressful times. Stress is the most important risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Many patients who experience heart attacks have been struggling with years of domestic abuse and violence, which means that they were at a breaking point. Even when you are dealing with regular stress, you have extra adrenaline that stimulates the heart to skip beats and have palpitations. No matter the source of stress, sharing the situation with your doctor is important because he may help you find a way to help you manage the stress.

Last but not least, your cardiologist will constantly monitor your progress regarding diet and exercise, reason why you should be totally honest when it comes to telling him/her if you have not eaten a healthy meal or, worse, followed the initial exercise. By simply stating that you have exercise will not improve your cardiovascular health. Living a healthy life is of the utmost importance, so discuss with your cardiologist for comprehensive tips and advice on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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