Signs that you should see a cardiologist

The majority of people consider that they do not need to see a cardiologist if they are not over 50 years old, because they are out of risk, but they should know that heart diseases could appear even if they are younger. Also, they use to wait until they do not feel well, before seeing a doctor. But you should care more about your heart health, because a simple annual physical check is not enough to diagnose a severe heart condition. Moreover, how severe the symptoms should be before you go to see a doctor? How can you tell if this is the right moment for you to see a cardiologist New York? Well, definitely you should not wait until you have a stroke, heart attack or a similar cardiac condition, because these health events could threaten your life. Because the majority of people find themselves in the situation of not knowing if they should see a doctor or not, here are some signs that you should definitely book a check.

The first sign that you should see a cardiologist is if you have a family history of sudden death before age 60 or heart attacks. You should take your time and discuss with your parents or grandparents to see if there were cases in your family. The following step would be to request screening for certain risk factors like serum ferritin, fibrinogen, low HDL cholesterol or high Lp(a) cholesterol. In addition, if you are a woman and you experience a difficult pregnancy, you should consider visiting a cardiologist New York City, because in some cases preeclampsia is a hidden factor of heart disease. It is widely known that women are more likely to develop a heart condition during pregnancy or in the post-menopause period. In case you want to start a new exercise program and you have over 40, then you should visit a doctor because they have to check your heart condition and recommend you some exercises that would not affect your health.

If your dentist informs you that you have a gum disease, then you should consider a heath check, because this disease could happen when you have your body inflamed, and in the majority of situations, the patients who have swollen gums, also experience heart diseases. There are some common traits that you might suffer from a serious heart condition, so you should not ignore them. The classic symptom of an impending heart attack is the chest pain, and recent studies are showing that more and more people have a heart attack without knowing that they suffer from a cardiologic condition. Heart related chest pains are located around the left-center side, and people describe them as the feeling of an elephant sitting on their chest. Other sign might be the consistent coughing, which is often the symptom of a heart failure that is caused by fluid accumulation in your lungs. In case you notice bloody phlegm while coughing, you should pay an immediate visit to your cardiologist.

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