Choose an extraordinary holiday: see the snow monkeys!

If you want to try something new this holiday, then you should consider visiting an Oriental country. Not only that you will have the opportunity to get in contact with a new society and mentality, but you will have the possibility to visit amazing places, and see animals that live in no other place than there. The culture of the Oriental countries is full of richness and complex, so you will not get bored a single minute of your trip. If there are some animals in the world that you definitely have to see in the wild, then you should see the lions from Africa, the kangaroos from Australia and the snow monkeys Japan. In the modern society, people are too busy with finding a better job and getting rich and they forget to enjoy the beauty of nature, so you should take a pause from the crowded town, and plan a holiday in the wild nature of Japan.

From the very moment of arriving there, you will fall in love with the combination of Japanese atmosphere, culture and nature. Also, you have the possibility to practice ski and visit the numerous hot springs found there. You should include on your to do list to visit the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, which is the home of more than 200 wild monkeys. These beautiful creatures spend their time soaking in the hot springs for keeping their bodies warm in the harsh cold climate. In case you do not know too many details about this place, you should know that this park is considered the only location where you can admire the monkeys bathing in hot springs. Moreover, because the local authorities know how important is for people to realize the importance for these animals to be protected, they opened the park in 1964 for raising people’s awareness. Not only that the experience of seeing them in the wild is amazing, but you will entirely enjoy the 30 minutes hike to the hot springs, during which you have the possibility to admire the beauty of the surroundings.

You might think that you do not want to spend so much money only for hiking 30 minutes to see the monkeys, but you should know that this trip is not only about them, you can do a lot more activities when you arrive there. After you visit the park, you can book a tour to the historic town of Obuse, which is known as the home of one of the most famous artists from Japan, Hokusai. Also, while being there you can try some of the local specialties in the Masuichi Sake Brewery’s “Club”, a restaurant with over 240 years of experience, which provides tasteful dishes cooked in an open kitchen. During your holiday, you can visit all the local touristic attractions from the area, like the temples, or you can only pass to admire the monkeys, and continue your trip and visit the rest of the country.

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