IJK a Rising Lebanese Rock Artist Releases “Space Odyssey” Music Video

IJK (Imad Jack Karam) released his first much anticipated music video entitled “Space Odyssey” on May 17th, 2016.

The video clip is proudly shot in the Lebanese green mountains, cradle of IJK’s music debut before he left Lebanon to record his alternative rock music in London.

Having collaborated with various British music producers who worked with famous artists such as U2 or Sting, IJK has now released Space Odyssey, his first piano rock single that focuses on the central theme of man’s existence, drawing inspiration from the famous movie by Stanley Kubrick, one of IJK’s favorite cinema directors.

IJK’s Space Odyssey music video blends nature shots, light and dark tones, space travel time lapses and a catchy piano melody that becomes melancholic at times yet remain hopeful with its powerful groove ending in a grand electronic outro.

You can watch IJK’s Space Odyssey on YouTube or Facebook.

Link to the YouTube video of IJK – Space Odyssey:

Link to the Facebook video of IJK – Space Odyssey:

To learn more about this rising rock artist from Lebanon and discover IJK’s music, visit IJK’s official website www.imadjackkaram.com

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