Why you should always have your camera with you

As a photographer, you will always be looking for your next great shot and you will find yourself taking photos of anything and everything around you. To this extent, your teachers probably mentioned during your photography classes that you should always have your camera with you, even when you are not at work, because you might get inspired by something truly amazing and you will find yourself wishing you had your equipment to capture that perfect moment. Spontaneous photos are what can help you create a gorgeous portfolio that will in fact help you get more contracts, so being able to take the right picture at the right time is extremely important. However, an even better reason than adding a great picture to your portfolio is that you will probably regret that moment for a very long time. The light will probably be perfect and the setting will never be the same again, so you will never be able to take the very same photo than at that time.

After a while, you will notice that among your favorite photos will be the ones you spontaneously took when you were out to get an ice cream for the shop around the corner or when you were visiting your grandmother. In addition, another great reason to always have your camera with you is because you will find more often the opportunity to try some of the techniques you learnt during your photo classes and thus you will become a better photographer. After all, practice does make perfect and there is no better moment to practice everything you have learnt than the moment you are in. Perhaps you see a beautiful couple down the street or an old house that inspires you. The fact is you are bound to see things that other people may not notice and capture them into one perfect photo that will make you proud. Your camera will be your most prized possession and you should always have it with you, because you might even get a new contract. Perhaps someone interested in a photographer will ask your card and they will like what they see. While this does not mean that you will find client every day, it will certainly put you out there.

When you have taken professional photography classes and you are excited to test your new skills, you don’t have to wait for clients in order to test yourself. Just photo everything you see, look for the extraordinary in the ordinary and always aspire for something better. There is a lot of beauty in the simplest things a person can find and it is up to you to discover them and share them with others. If you have taken photography classes from experienced teachers, you will always be eager to put them into practice and you will have a lot of fun doing so. There will always be something interesting to photograph on the next corner and you will always get inspired by things and people that you may not have found inspiring before your classes.

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