Top reasons why you should be tracking your packages

If you are one of the many people who have put together a small business by selling items on Amazon or eBay, then you have probably been confronted at least once with unsatisfied customers who have not received their package on time. Loss of goods or delivery delay are a common problem that affects in a negative way both sellers and buyers. Nowadays, you can use epacket tracking, to know the exact status of your shipment. Using a package tracking website is beneficial for both parties involved, and if you want to avoid any inconveniences, it is essential to track your courier online. Here are a few reason why you, as a seller, should be tracking your packages:

Improve client satisfaction
Although a third party is responsible for any delivery delays or package misplacement, consumers usually hold directly the seller to blame. Because buyers will expect you, as an online retailer, to ensure their packages are delivered at the exact date promised, you should give this topic more consideration. When using Singapore post tracking, you will be increasing customer satisfaction, which can only benefit your online retail business. Because customer satisfaction is the key to success, make sure you check package location on your side as well.

Sending promotional items
If one of your marketing strategies includes sending promotional materials to your customers, then you need to be certain that the items arrive. If could be useful knowing when your packages arrive, if you want to contact your customers to offer them more information on your offers or promotional deals. From all points of view, using an online tracking system is more beneficial than you have thought.

Becoming proactive
Sometimes it is impossible for a package to arrive on time, and a delay will be inevitable. However, it is your responsibility to notify your buyers in this particular situation. Although, the order might not arrive on time, the customer will not be as upset if they know about the possible delay. Become proactive, and you will manage to prevent losing clients, and thus profits.

Efficient solution
Overall, tracking your packages online is an efficient solution that will allow you to know exactly where your shipment currently is. Regardless of the courier you use, modern parcel tracking solution gives you the opportunity to find out more about status information, current package location without actually contacting the particular courier. You will not need to worry about package misplacement or non-delivery ever again, which can only be a positive aspect for you small online business.

As you can see, tracking your packages is extremely important, if customer satisfaction is important for you, and you want to attract buyers into purchasing more items for you. Whether you are selling items on Amazon or eBay, avoid any possible buyer-seller dispute and track all the packages you send. With just a simple search online, you will be able to find a reputable online platform that can give you the possibility to track packages shipped by China Post Express Mail(EMS), China Post Registered Air Mail, eBay ePacket(EMS+USPS) and many more.

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