Can you learn to see creatively?

Even though one might expect from a photographer to have the creative eye from the very beginning, in fact this is actually something that can be learnt. You will probably receive many tips during your photo classes, but if you feel that you still need some help in this department, there are a few things that you can do. When most people pick up a camera, they are tempted to take pictures of the most obvious things around them such as pets, family members perhaps landmarks. A great photographer will always know how to look beyond that and capture something original from a frame that many would consider mundane.

The main problem is that all people have these pre-conceived ideas of how something should look and they photograph exactly that, without actually taking the time to look at things creatively or at least try to see them in a different light. This is why they end up taking the same picture over and over again and just settle for boring frames that do not have anything special. For starters, one advice that is given in many photo classes Paris is to try looking at things from a child’s perspective and use that very same innocence in order to obtain a different view over things. For instance, you could photograph everything from a height of 80cm, which is how a small child would if they were to have a camera. This will give you an entirely different view of the same things, one that will in fact change the way you see them. Put yourself in the shoes of a child and think of things that you would normally just ignore. For instance, try figuring out what mice see when they look up or maybe even do things that you were not necessarily taught about in classes such as taking pictures into the sun or jumping while you take your photo.

During photo classes you spent your time learning the rules of composition and now it is time to see how many of them you can break and when you can successfully break them. Rather than focusing on the main point of interest, you could try focusing on shame, form or even color. Seeing creatively means not following a pattern or a guidebook, is letting your imagination run wild and showing things the way they are not normally seen. Of course, the only way in which you can achieve this is to always practice. Practice with every chance you get and learn everything there is to learn from every picture you take. After a while you will soon discover that your entire perspective has changed and you don’t have to worry anymore about taking boring pictures. You will be able to focus on the main subject of your photo, decide how you want to highlight it and what you can leave out. The rest will just come naturally and at the end of everything you will have obtained perfect pictures that will always make you proud.

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