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Nowadays learning a unique foreign language is a trend, and more and more people are choosing one, which is quite complicated to understand. But, somehow they still manage to speak and understand what others are speaking, even if they do not follow the classes of a school. This is happening, because they have the possibility to learn a new language online. You might think that it is impossible to learn a foreign without a teacher, but you should know that there are plenty of courses online and there are some online platforms, which offer you the possibility to collaborate even with a tutor. However, you should know that the majority of people choose to learn Japanese online, because they find it more effective and comfortable. This is the type of language you cannot learn by your own, because it implies many rules that have to be followed, and you will not be able to understand them by your own.

You need the help of a tutor, because you will need supervision when you will study the written basics, and a tutor could offer it even online. You should know that when writing the Japanese characters it is important even the way you are holding the pen, so a tutor will observe you and advice you what you should do to improve your skills. When learning by your own, you might be tempted to skip some of the hard parts, because you might feel tired in a certain day, and say that you will come back to them later. But if you skip them, you will not be able to understand the other parts. A Japanese tutor will make even the hardest parts look simple, because they will understand the rules and they will be able to explain them to you. Even if you collaborate with a tutor, you should invest in some quality learning material. If you would follow the classes of a school, the teachers from there would suggest you some books, but in this situation, you should ask for the advice of your tutor, and also do some research by yourself, to see what other people recommend.

Your tutor might advise you to watch some dramas, movies or even listen to some artists, and you should not ignore their suggestions, because they have the purpose to help you understand better the pronunciation of some of the words, and improve your skills. At the beginning, you will not understand too much of what they are speaking or singing, but slowly you will be able to watch a movie without having to read the translation at every dialogue the characters have. When watching movies, you will improve your vocabulary. The tutor will also be your conversation partner, because you will definitely need one if you want to improve your level of knowledge. There is no other way of learning to speak better Japanese than dialoguing with someone.

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