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The fashion trends are changing every year, and if you want to be a truly trendsetter, you should be informed and keep a track of every of the trend changes. The key to a perfect outfit is represented by the jewelries, and depending on your style, you might prefer a certain type. There are women that like to wear statement necklaces, others prefer earrings and some of the bracelets. If you are the type of woman that considers that a bracelet is the key to a beautiful outfit, then you should take a look at this year’s tendencies. The specialists have analyzed the bracelets worn by models on the runaways during the fashion weeks from all around the world, and they decided what are the fashion bracelets trends for this year are. Because the bracelets are essential accessories, which have the power to complete a look, you should focus on finding the models that are in trend this year, and try to find some similar items on online stores.

One of the stars from the runaways were the fringe bracelets, which could be made from different types of fabrics and materials, and in case you want to find some items at affordable prices, you might even find them in handmade jewelry stores. If you opt for a long one, you will not be able to wear it on the street, because it might be quite uncomfortable, but you could adapt the length for being able to wear it when you go out with your friends. In case you consider that you cannot accessorize this type of bracelet to your wardrobe, then you can opt for a simpler model, which features geometric shapes. They are made from metallic materials, and they come along with fashion necklaces, for being worn together. The designers paired them, because there is a certain way you should wear these two items. You might think that you will not be able to find this type of bracelets at an affordable price, but they are even handmade, so you will find them listed in different online stores, and they could be even more beautiful, because handmade designers are creating unique pieces.

One of the trends of this year are handmade pom-pom bracelets, which can be accessorized to the spring and summer clothes. These items come in different color, especially in the shades of the year, and they could be matched with the color of the bags, or even with the other accessories. Some designers had inspired from the nature, and created bracelets, which feature stars and animals, and they are the most suitable ones to be worn by women who like to dress simple, and to stand out with the help of their jewelries. In case you are a passionate about handmade jewelries, you should know that many of the models listed here are customized and adapted by designers, and you can buy them from their online stores.

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