From casual to glamorous: accessories that make the difference

Many women are on the opinion that the best way to have an amazing outfit is to know how to match clothing pieces depending on colours, patterns and materials. However, it is worth mentioning that clothes are not the only thing that makes one look fabulous. Jewelries are an important element as well. Even though the clothes are in plain colours, or sometimes even boring, knowing what accessories to add to that outfit will make that person stand out from the crowd right away. Some fashion earrings, a statement necklace or other hair accessories will give a different look to those boring clothes.

One great example in this case is an outfit that implies wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a grey sweatshirt. This outfit might not be the first choice for a night in the club for instance, but everything can change the moment you add the right accessories. For instance, if you are planning to wear these pieces of clothing and you want a glamorous look, opt for a white, major statement necklace. Add some horseshoe-shape silver earrings and a unique handmade ring to this outfit. Select some amazing bronze-and-black sequined sandals for example and a silver-like clutch. It is the perfect look for a night in town with your friends.

If you want to wear the same outfit during the day, while you go shopping with your friends, you can accessorize it in order to make it seem more casual. For this, you can go for a pair of leopard flats that match your brown sunglasses. Add a leather cuff that matches the colour of your jeans and a brown-and-white tote bag. You need to feel comfortable when going for shopping, so high heels might not be a good idea for a casual look in this case.

The same clothing pieces can be worn at work as well. The secret is to add the right jewelries to the outfit. If you want to wear skinny jeans and grey sweatshirt at work, you should definitely choose a pair of black crossover-strap pumps, because it will go just perfect with this type of outfit. A gold chain-link necklace will also add a unique look and if you also opt for a zip-top carryall bag, you get the perfect outfit for going to work.

As it can be seen, the same clothes can be accessorized differently, thus creating various outfits suitable for different occasions – work, a night in the club or a day at shopping. Even though the clothes have nothing that can catch people’s attention, by adding the right type of accessories, the result is a 180-degree change.

For handmade jewelry, it is recommended to do some research on the internet and look for the best provider that can offer you high quality accessories at affordable prices. Many of those who provide handmade jewelry have understood that the best method to promote their work and let everyone know about it is via online. This is definitely a great advantage, since you do not have to waste any more time going from one jewelry local store to another searching for the perfect jewellery.

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