Explore the specific advantages of different types of industrial shelving

When trying to improve the efficiency of a warehouse, managers have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of products, and this can be overwhelming, because they have to search for the description of every one of them, and at the first look, they all seem the same. It would be easier for them to ask a professional company to recommend them a solution. The fact is that there are three main types of industrial shelves, but every manufacturer adds specific features to the products they are making. Also, every of these types have more than one variations, so when it comes to investing in industrial shelving, people should have complete information about the advantages every one of them offers. The rivet shelving type is fast to assemble, versatile and strong. When using this type, they can place up to 1,850 lbs., and they will not have difficulties in accessing the goods stored with their help. This type of shelving is made from a solid steel frame and it features decking which holds the goods.

The rivet shelving provides many advantages, the main one being that it is easy to install it, because there is little or no hardware involved. It is suitable for being placed in the storage rooms, warehouses and other industrial locations, because it is considered the largest from the industrial shelving range and it is also the most economical type. Managers can store heavy and bulky goods with its help. If the managers are looking for an affordable shelving option, for storing high-density applications, then they should consider the steel shelves, which are available in both closed and open styles. For making the unit steady, the manufacturers use sway and back braces. This type has the main advantage of being adjustable, because it features compression clips. It is seen as the most accessorizable and customisable type from the three main ones, because it also offers the owner the possibility to accessorise it in different ways. It is very useful for the storages that use high-density applications, because the shelves offer the user the possibility to be installed very close together. This type of shelves can be also used in office settings.

The other main type is the wire shelving, which is considered as the most attractive, because it can be placed in clean or commercial locations. This type is similar with the rivet one, because it features a construction free of back and sway braces, which offers the user the possibility to access it from all its four sides. This type is preferred sometimes because it is easy to wipe down, and the wire is clean, attractive and gleaming. This type of system will not be damaged in a fire, for example, because the sprinkler systems will not affect it. Other advantage of this type is that it is adjustable, similar to the steel type, but it does not features any hardware or clips. Depending on the warehouse needs, this type comes in different configurations.

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