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Ployrung Chairattanangkul
(Co-Founder of Cloud Planner)


The cloud planner team is excited to announce the launch of The Cloud Planner Book, a SMART planner book to help you balance your life that will link your digital files into a planner book. The official launch date for Cloud Planner is 9 May 2016.

Cloud Planner Team believes cloud planner bookis designed to motivate your daily life and help balance for all parts of life.The planner book which is not an old fashion planner, it is designed to help set the life goals and lead the way to success closely.

Attached and linked the digital files into a paper can be surprisingly difficult.The cloud planner is designed to help you organize both of things stay together. The planner book which link digital files into a paper planner by a special QR code. The SMART planner book which help you organize your digital life with your daily planner paper.

The Cloud Planner project will be launch for crowdfunding at Kickstarter and Indiegogo on May 2016.

Cloud Planner book, work-life balance planner book where digital files attached into a paper planner.

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