Tips for solving riddles easier

It is commonly known that riddles can help people sharpen their minds. People who practice riddles every day can benefit from better memory retention, improving their cognitive capabilities and simplifying their thinking. However, some people are on the wrong opinion that if they do not solve a riddle in the first ten seconds after reading it, they will not be able to solve it not even after ten minutes. However, everyone can solve funny riddles with a little practice and if applying some simple techniques.

It is worth mentioning that there are two types of riddles, those are conundrums, and enigmas and both are based on the dialogue between the riddle asker and the riddle answerer. Enigmas focus more on creativity and experience, since they are problems that use allegorical, associational or metaphorical language. One example might be ‘What is black and white and red all over?’ and the answer is ‘A newspaper’. In the case of conundrums, the riddles focus more on wordplay and they are presented as questions. One example in this case is ‘What flowers can be found between the chin and the nose?’ and the answer is ‘tulips’/ ‘two lips’. Most often, these riddles create a pattern of various associations that are supposed to direct one to the answer.

It is important to solve puzzles on a daily basis in order to train your brain and to be able to solve difficult riddles in a matter of minutes or even seconds. You have to play all sorts of games that require brain training, because this will help you sharpen your analytical skills. Whether it is puzzles, riddles, or even the classical game Tetris, it is for sure that these games will bring you many benefits if you play them daily.

In order to be able to solve difficult riddles, you might want to start with solving some easy riddles first, or with others that you already know the answer. There are numerous books and various websites with riddles so you can practise. You can work backwards and start from the solution in order to see how the riddle actually works. The fun part in telling a riddle is asking people about certain things that they do not actually realise they already know. Most of the times, the answer is something quite familiar, even though the riddle might sound tricky.

When solving riddles, even though you might not know the answer in the beginning, it is recommended to break the riddle in more pieces and analyse them separately. You might find some valuable clues that put together might lead you to the right answer. It is highly important to train the brain every day in order to be able to solve any types of riddles, be them easy riddles or difficult and complex ones. One can do some research online and look for websites with riddles. There are numerous such websites on the Internet with riddles for different knowledge levels and even different ages, so that even four year-old children can solve some of these riddles.

If you are interested in reading some funny riddles or some easy riddles, please visit these links!

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