HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings Taking a Leap with Technology to Drive Global Markets

Partnering with leading technology providers, HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings is equipped with the latest technology to tap the global distribution network in real time. Ilham Ismail, Head of Information Technology, HMH, said, “These days a hotel’s overall profitability is directly linked to technology and talent that masters that technology. Our fully integrated central reservation and revenue management systems are at par with international brands. We optimize performance, improve ROI and maximize profits with strategic revenue management and strong distribution network across markets worldwide.”

In order to have the same capabilities as international hospitality groups and far superior structure than many regional operators or independent hotels, HMH has invested in top-of-the-line tools and solutions for powerful distribution and dynamic pricing. In addition, it has equipped itself with the very best in contracting, guest satisfaction survey, online reputation management and digital marketing systems. HMH will continue to invest in updating its technology consistently to maintain its position and promise to service and quality.

Ilham stressed, “Adoption of the latest technology has been a strategic imperative for us at HMH. It is not only about addressing the current needs of our guests but preparing ourselves for the future. We live in a tech-savvy digital world that demands efficiency and speed at every step be it the distribution network or the actual booking process. Not only has digital made our world ‘instant’ and ‘mobile’, but it has been very powerful in terms of our ability to look at our customer analytics – pulling information together to see the unique preferences of our guests that in turn allows us to service them better and offer products that resonate with them. As an industry we are going to continue to see radical advancements in this direction. At HMH we will continue building strong distribution and data-analytics capability to stay ahead of our competition”.

Visit HMH on stand HC0420 in Sheikh Saeed Arena at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

About HMH
Founded in 2003 in Dubai, HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings is a fully-integrated hotel management company that prides itself on being one of the pioneers among local groups from the region. It provides hotel owners and developers a broad spectrum of comprehensive management solutions with five distinct, yet complementary, hotel brands catering to varied market segments from budget to luxury. These include The Ajman Palace Hotel, Coral Hotels &Resorts, Corp Hotels, EWA Hotel Apartments and ECOS Hotels. Through its dynamic operation and strategic expansion in the Middle East and North Africa, HMH has been successful in unlocking a world of opportunities while creating value for its stakeholders, associates, staff members and customers. Its existing portfolio features superb properties located in some of the most desirable destinations across the MENA region, as well as a healthy pipeline of hotels under development.

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Vice President
MPJ (Marketing Pro-Junction)
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