All you need to know about Gabapentin

Gabapentin is a medication used to treat adults of nerve pain that has been caused by herpes virus. It is actually an anticonvulsant or an anti-epileptic medication, but it is also used to treat restless legs syndrome and it is considered an excellent substitute for Tramadol. Considering that Tramadol is being controlled since Aug 18, 2014, many patients have turned to Gabapentin capsules in order to treat their pain and other symptoms caused by their diseases.

Even though there may be many Gabapentin uses, people should only take this medication as it was prescribed by their doctors and follow their directions carefully. Those who are not sure how to take this medication, should follow the directions written on the bottle and never take more than they need in order to avoid any adverse reactions. There are several brands that produce Gabapentin and Horizant and Gralise and no matter which one you may be taking, they should both be administered with food. The Neurotin brand can be taken without food, but patients should still avoid this. Furthermore, those who want to only take a part of a pill can break it in half, but they should make sure they take the other half in the following days, otherwise its effects can be altered and you may not experience the same pain relief.

Another thing that all patients should know is that should their doctor change the brand of their Gabapentin pills, they should also ask if a change in dosage is necessary, as different brands can absorb differently and thus offer different effects. In addition, those who have been taking this product for quite some time now and they want to stop using it because they don’t feel pain anymore should always reduce their dose gradually and not stop taking it suddenly because their bodies might not react too well and they may experience more severe problems such as seizures. In terms of adverse reactions, when the Gabapentin capsules are taken according to medical instructions they should be minimal, but some people can experience adverse reactions in the forms of increased seizures, skin rashes, chest pains, fever, confusion and others. In these situations they should always see their doctors as soon as possible, as they might have to adjust their dosage or try something else altogether.

Those who are interested in this medication will be glad to know that it can even be ordered online from online pharmacies. That is where they can find all the Gabapentin uses along with everything else they need to know about taking these pills safely for their condition. This truly is a very convenient way of finding their treatment, because they will never have any delays or problems in receiving it in time. This medication has helped many people fight various health problems that that had to treat with less effective treatments. Always be sure to ask the doctor or pharmacist which dosage is recommended for you before taking it and do not miss any of your regular appointments, just to be on the safe side.

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