The benefits of Yoni massage

The art and practice of Yoni massage has been around for many years and it is considered a spiritual practice during which women can reconnect with their feminine cores and ultimately even connect to God. This massage actually works with all chakras and elements on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic and it is recommended to all women who are in need of sexual healing. During this massage the giver will caress the clitoris, Venus lips, G-point and pelvic floor. While the goal is not the orgasm, this is often achieved, as many women experience an intense orgasmic sensation during their massage. To this extent, one of the first benefits of choosing to visit a Yoni massage Brisbane specialist is the fact that your entire body will become sensitive and orgasmic, especially the area around the yoni. In addition, you will learn how to deepen and lengthen your orgasms, something that every woman wants and needs in her life.

The Yoni massage is actually recommended to women who suffer from conditions such as low libido, frigidity, pain during love-making and even irregular and abundant menstruation and menstrual cramps. It is incredible how many common problems that women deal with on a regular basis can be healed through this highly pleasurable therapy during which you will come in contact with your femininity and reach a better connection with yourself. The reason why so many women have trouble reaching orgasm is because they have not learnt to accept themselves as they are and with the help of this massage they will learn how to relax better and connect with their partner on a much deeper level. Yoni massages release blockages and break down toxins that affected the recipient without her even knowing. The effects of this massage can last for several days and you will find yourself not only in a better mood, but also more energised and even experience health improvements such as less intense menstrual pains. In time, women who opt for regular Yoni massages have even said that their menstrual pains disappeared altogether, so it certainly is something to consider when you are struggling with such problems.

In order to enjoy this massage even more, you will need to relax completely and enjoy this journey as much as possible, without having any expectations. The orgasm is an often side effect, but it is not the goal of this massage therapy. The Yoni massage is a tantric spiritual practice that will bring a lot of benefits to the receive and should definitely be experienced by all women who want something more in their lives and wish to reach that sexual accomplishment they have only heard of. All you have to do is find an experienced massage therapist who can perform a complete massage and help you connect to your inner goddess and allow you to achieve all those benefits this massage is famous for. With a quick search online you will surely find the right therapist, who will make you feel comfortable and determine you to return for more sessions.

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