Towel display ideas for your bathroom

If you are one of the many people who enjoy a true luxurious bathing experience, then you are probably always looking for unique towels of high quality. Because the towels you use can offer you a relaxing and calming feeling, you should always opt for luxury ones in colours and patterns that match your bathroom décor. When it comes to bath towels, there are a few creative ways you can display them in your bathroom to achieve the ideal interior design.

Bins and baskets
If you do not have a towel rack or enough space near your vanity, then you can come up with smart storage solutions. Decorative cubbies, bins or baskets are a great way to stock your towel supply, which will maintain the bathroom décor neat and stylish. Learn how to properly roll the towels and place them in your baskets or containers. In terms of bathroom aesthetics, baskets are a smart choice for both bath and luxury hand towels.

Wall decals and hooks
For those who desire to have a stylish and unique bathroom décor, a wall decal can be the perfect addition. Choose a modern decal design suitable for the style of your interior and add two or three towel hooks. The combination between the hooks and the decal will result in a bathroom work of art, which will take a towel display to an entirely different level.

Blanket racks
With a little bit of creativity and originality, you can come up with the most beautiful towel display. A traditional blanket rack can make the ideal towel rack for your bathroom. You can move it from one corner of the bathroom to another, which makes it a versatile and yet stylish display alternative. You can place many towels on just one bar, so a blanket rack is perfect if you have problems with bathroom space.

Style mix
For a contemporary bathroom décor, you can opt for a mix and match display. If you have enough free space at your disposal to include more storage ideas in your décor, then go for it. By placing your towels in several different spots of your bathroom, you will create a balanced look, adding a visual texture to the entire area. Place some of the towels on a quilt rack near the bathtub, some on a rod near the toilet and tuck the others neatly under the sink. You can mix as many styles as you want to achieve the décor you desire.

With so many great display ideas, you can constantly change the décor of your bathroom just by changing your towel display. To achieve a completely luxurious bathroom décor, the towels you opt for probably play the most important role. Start searching for an online store that can offer you a wide range of high quality towels and choose the pattern and colours that will complement the rest of the area. With the right towels, your bathing experience will be more enjoyable than ever and your bathroom décor will look sophisticated and stylish.

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