Key jewelleries every woman should have

Women use to have a lot of jewellery items, but in the majority of cases, they do not have exactly the key ones. One reason would be that they do not know which accessories are a must for every woman, and other is that they get accustomed wearing some types of jewelleries and do not try other ones. However, because women love jewelleries so much, is their duty to find what sparkly essentials they need. The trends in fashion jewelry are always changing but there are some items, which are never out of fashion, and every woman should have them. The first must-have item is the menswear inspired watch, because it will keep you punctual and it is the perfect accessory to ground your girly jewellery. You can buy one that looks like it could be shared with your boyfriend, or in case you do not like how this models look, you can buy one, which has a handmade bracelet.

Stud earrings are another must, and you should not have the wrong impression that you have to buy a boring model, because nowadays on the market there are many handmade ones which come in unique and modern designs. They are the finishing touch of any type of outfit, and in case you do not find anything interesting in the stores, you should take a look online, and see what you find. You do not have to go necessary with a diamond pair of studs, because you have so many handmade options. When browsing through the articles listed in a store with jewelry online, you would also find hoop earring, which are one of the items you should invest in, because they are really stylish but still casual, so you can wear them with many different outfits. You can choose from a wide variety of earrings, because designers embellished them with different gemstones. You should choose the size of the hoop according to your personal style. Other must have jewellery item is the great cocktail ring, which will instantly transform your outfit from a normal one into a fun and stylish one. You might think that it should be oversized, but actually, it is all about the model.

The next essential item is a long necklace. You have many models from which to choose, because this is the type of jewellery that became more and more popular in time. Every year designers personalise it, and transform its look, but whatever model you might choose it will definitely look amazing. The amazing fact about long necklaces is that they go with everything, and you can easy transition them from day to night. In the night, you have the possibility to make it shorter by doubling it. Moreover, you can personalise them whenever you might want, because you can add them different pedants. If you want to invest in a unique one, you should take a look on online stores which offer handmade accessories, because there are plenty of models listed there.

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