Everything you need to know about polygraphs

It is commonly known that people lie a lot, but how can one person properly determine whether the other person is telling the truth or is lying? This is the question that scientists have tried to find the right answer for years and the result of this was the invention of lie detectors. In the last years, people have built lie detectors that provide extremely accurate and reliable information and compared to the polygraphs used in the past there is a significant improvement as far as these instruments are concerned.

Before undertaking a lie detector test, you should know that this instrument is used to record physiological reactions of the human body that are caused by the nervous system, thus recording respiration, galvanic skin response and cardiovascular activity. The instrument is made out of other tools that are usually used in medicine and science.

It is important to know that this test might take up to three hours, depending on the type of questions and on the thing other people want to establish as being true or not. During this test, the examinee has to undergo a few phases. The first one is designed for the examinee to get familiar with the questions and the test itself. The examiner might even present some of the questions and discuss them with the examinee. The second phase of the polygraph test is also the most important one, because this is the one where all the data is collected. Various components are attached to the examinee’s body in order to be able to record the physiological reactions. Tubes that record the examinee’s breathing, blood pressure cuff and electro-dermal activity finger cuffs are all attached. At the end of the test, the examiner should be able to read the charts and determine whether the patient has told the truth and nothing but the truth or has lied all the time.

After doing some research online, some people are on the opinion that they can actually beat the lie detector test by applying some of the tricks they have found on various sites. Truth is you can beat the test, but the condition for this to happen is to have an inexperienced and poorly trainer examiner. It is highly important to choose a professional examiner that has years of experience in this domain, because this is the key to a successful polygraph test. It is worth mentioning that if the examiner has vast knowledge in the domain there are high chances for the test to be extremely accurate and reliable. No matter how well designed the polygraph is, you need a good examiner too, because he or she will know better how to interpret the readings at the end of the test.

If you are interested in taking a polygraph test, it is recommended to do some research on the Internet and look for the best company that provides professional lie detectors and experienced examiners, because this way you can be sure the test you are taking is reliable and accurate.

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