Teaching jobs in Bahrain offer excellent benefits

The United Arab Emirates have become one of the most looked after locations for teaching abroad. Teaching jobs range from ESL teaching in language academies to licensed teaching jobs in all subjects in the public and private sector. The United Arab Emirates is composed of seven emirates, each single one housing thousands of expats living in multicultural cities. If you are researching teaching jobs in UAE, you will discover that there are surprisingly many opportunities for professors in Bahrain. This country has a large number of educational institutions due to the number of expatriate population. Whether ESL or licensed teaching jobs, Bahrain does offer lucrative opportunities and the good news is that hiring for teaching jobs in Bahrain occurs year-round.

You have the chance to work in one of the many language schools, international schools, vocational schools or universities. Owing to the fact that the population of Bahrain does not have many English speakers, it welcomes teachers with opened arms. If you want to help them with addressing this shortcoming, then you have to be prepared in all respects. As in idea, you should have a TEFL certification, even if you are a licensed professor. In language schools you will be helping adult students to improve their English.

On the other hand, in vocational schools you will provide your students the skills and education necessary to take management and higher level industry positions. Vocational training colleges and schools are always in need for professors since the general movement is directed towards including more locals in oil and gas industry. Even in public schools you can make a significant contribution. All position openings are competitive, therefore you should have at least some form of experience.

Teaching positions are highly competitive, but if you manage to obtain one, you enjoy an excellent salary package. The income in the country is higher because the region has no personal taxation. Employers will pay you a salary that covers car provision, housing, provision, medical cover, education for children and air tickets. But is this all? No, in addition to the salary, you are awarded an “indemnity at the end of the contract period. The indemnity represents a significant amount of money, especially if you have been working in Bahrain for a long period of time. English teachers, for instance, can expect to make $1,500 – $3,000 a month, sum which includes airfare, health insurance and furnished housing.

Bahrain is a fascinating place to visit, not to mention to work in. Even though this small island country does not have a common boundary with any other country, it does have 100 miles of coastline. The weather is quite pleasant and the sea breeze compensates for the fact that it can become very hot. There are also many opportunities for sightseeing, one very good example being the venue for the Bahrain Grand Prix. If you are not passionate about motor sports, then you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage site on the archipelago, which is supposed to be the ancient harbour and capital of the land if Telmun.

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