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For all its value, email marketing is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. So when does an e-mail promotion become an annoyance?

Hina Bakht, Vice President of Dubai-based MPJ – Marketing Pro-Junction that offers a range of digital and e-marketing services, in addition to conventional marketing, said, “It is indeed getting harder and harder to capture the attention of target clients through e-campaigns and to engage them effectively without eroding brand equity. Yet, when done right it remains a powerful direct marketing tool and has given small and mid-sized companies a global reach and awareness. Email marketing as a channel was the third overall lead generation source for marketers in 2013 producing 13% of all leads. In order to achieve that level of ROI one has to very carefully study the various factors behind a successful e-campaign. At MPJ we have got the right tools, expertise and experience to advice our clients on the target audience, promotions, optimizing mobile viewing, frequency of campaign and content defined around a company’s business objectives. Our strength also lies in having access to unique classified business data across the various industries we serve with the right analytical tools.”

So, how often should an e-mail promotion be sent out and to whom? According to Hina the answer to that depends on relevance and value of what is being sent out. Is it news, product and service update, promotional flier, contest, coupons…? If it is a sales flier, the answer is never more than one or two campaigns a month for a brand to the same set of readers. This will maximize the response and give companies a better conversion rate in terms of sales. Having said that it is extremely important to get your market segments right and prepare your email segment lists accordingly. You can’t be unmindful to your customers requirement and must have a good understanding of their interests. There is nothing worse than shooting a mass campaign to a blind data base. In all likelihood, given the current state of e-mail marketing, you wouldn’t get more than 2 to 3 per cent click rate from such campaigns which is very low”.

Hina believes frequency is not the only consideration, right metrics are the key to measuring success of e-campaigns. “It is important to have the recommended metrics in place analyzing e-consumption habits of receivers (which should determine your stream of email to them), set a consistent pattern (for instance readers expect daily deals to come every day), send an email only if you have something to share with your customers, study closely the cycle of impressions, unique openers, etc. Other measures like mobile optimization, creating the right subject lines, copy and offers would help to deliver better results. At the same time users must be given the right to turn up or down the stream of emails. RSS feeds are much less intrusive and consumable and hence recommended. At the end let’s not forget every e-mail cannot convert into business. You win some, you lose some”.

About MPJ

Founded in 2003, MPJ – Marketing Pro-Junction is a reputed marketing and PR agency in Dubai offering world-class services ranging from Public Relations and Events Management to Social Media, Advertising, Graphic Design, Website Development and Mobile Solutions. Our experience extends from large corporations to mid-size companies across varied sectors and industries including hospitality, tourism, aviation, real estate, government entities, finance, beauty and fashion, healthcare, education, automobiles, and consumer products. Through strategic proactive and reactive research-oriented B2B and B2C marketing we influence and engage with key stakeholders to build strong brands and drive growth in target markets.

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