Aspects to consider when choosing a warehouse shelving system

The persons who have to manage a warehouse or a similar space, where many objects have to be stored, often encounter the obstacle of not finding in time the needed items, or being unable to organise them. When finding themselves in such a situation, people have two options, to invest in a new location, or to find a solution for making the existent space more effective. If they decide to go with the second option, they have to find a warehouse shelving system, which suits their needs. However, when they decide purchasing heavy duty industrial shelving, they have to consider the physical constraints and unique requirements of their existing facility. According to these aspects, they should select a system, which will help them transform their warehouse.

The first aspect they have to consider is the storage density. This means that they have to analyse the storage volumes to see which deep lane opportunities they have. The space would be dramatically increased if they use deep-lane storage like pallet flow, double deep or drive-in and drive-thru. The next aspects, which has to be taken into consideration, is the importance of the items placed there. In case the warehouse managers consider that they have to be able to access all the products at all times, then they should choose a deep-lane type, but in case some of the items might be left there for a long period, they should choose a low cost shelving. In case the first products which come are the ones which will go out, they should invest in pallet flow racks, but they have to analyse thoroughly the space, to be sure that this system is suited there. They have to carefully evaluate their choices, because in case they choose a system that does not offer them the needed access, they will have to spend a large amount of money in handling labour costs. The next aspect they should consider is the way they pick their profiles, and what types of items they pick, pieces, cases or pallets. According to the type of picking, the warehouse managers have to see which system they should select and how they customise it.

A very important aspect that has to be considered is the fork truck selection, because they have to invest in a shelving system, which meets the aisle requirements of the truck. This is a very important feature, because in case they do not choose the right one, the shelves or products from the warehouse might be damaged. Before ordering the shelving system, the managers should think through the warehouse lighting system, because they do not want to buy shelves, which will reduce the light and decrease the visibility of the space. Alongside with a good lighting comes improved work environment, reduced risk damage and increased accuracy, so this is an essential aspect to be considered in the process of choosing the shelving system. The last aspect, which influences the selection of the system, is the shelves’ manufacturer; they should opt for an experienced and trustworthy one.

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