Select the ideal storage system for your space

There is one ideal type of storage system for every warehouse, but the ones who manage it have to consider thoroughly its features, and the products that are placed there to see which one they should choose. When purchasing a shelving system many aspects have to be taken into consideration, because sometimes is hard to find the correct one. Sometimes managers get a little help from the companies they collaborate with, because they have specialised teams which assist their clients, and who are able to analyse the space and recommend them a functional option. In some cases, more shelving systems UK might work for a particular space, but one of them is the ideal one. So, the warehouse managers have to find that one which will help them increase their space capacity and will speed up the productivity.

Depending on the type of the warehouse, there are some particular systems, which are ideal. In case the warehouse features palletized products the ideal option would be the selective pallet racking, because it has no expiration date and it offers workers high selectivity. Because the sizes of the spaces might vary, they come in a wide range of depths and heights, and some of them are even double-deep. In case, the storage is the “last-in, first-out” type the managers should take into consideration investing in drive-in systems, because they provide great space utilization. They will reduce the overall square footage requirements, because they eliminate the necessity of having multiple aisles. They are ideal for cold or freezer spaces. In case the products placed in there are quite heavy, then the heavy duty storage shelves should be taken into consideration. If the warehouse is the first-in, first-out type, the ideal types for it might be the carton flow or the pallet flow ones, because they are widely used in spaces where products like food are stored. These types feature an inclined system that is very useful for stocking pallets on one side.

In case the space is specialised in storing bulky or long items, then the managers should consider the cantilever system. It is ideal for applications like lumber storage, furniture storage, or piping storage. Because the items placed there might differ in length, their arms might be modified according to the load retention and angle of the needed operation. A special feature that has to be taken into consideration when selecting the storage system is the material from which it is manufactured, because every special type has different utilizations. For example, the steel systems are designed for being used in warehouses tool cribs and offices, and it is widely used in high-density spaces. They are available both in closed and open styles, and they can be customised according to the space needs. In addition, an important aspect, which might influence the type of storage system, is the shelf material, because it has to be sturdy enough to hold the products placed on it.

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