Why young people are excited to become nurses

When planning to become nurses people are always thinking about the great opportunities this job offers, and that they will be able to make a difference in people’s life. Working as a nurse is very exciting, because every minute of the job brings you new experiences. However, also people who want to become nurses have to understand that sometimes patients are not grateful for their services, because they feel too ill for realizing how hard nurses work to offer them all the comfort they need. When entering the medical school people have to expect to meet different types of persons, so they should be prepared to treat them with patience, and to offer them all the help they can even if the patients will not always be very thankful. Nevertheless, the fact is that there are many reasons why people should apply for one of the nursing jobs.

It is considered that when people intend to become nurses, they want to help people in need. Therefore, the main reason they should consider this career is that they will be able to make a difference. They have to understand that in many situations they will be the persons who will save their patients’ lives, and when they will arrive home they will be contempt that they were able to help someone that day. Knowing that you saved someone’s life is a very gratifying aspect of the nursing position. This domain is one, which does not allow people to lose interest, because every day their work will be interesting and diverse. When a nurse works in a hospital, s/he will take care of patients from different areas, like intensive care unit, surgery, delivery and childcare. A nurse has the opportunity to treat a wide range of conditions, and to take care of patients who have to deal with many health problems. This assures them that they will not have two days the same, and they will be excited about their job every day. Sometimes the nurses can apply even for social work jobs, if they consider that they could help more in this way.

This is a domain where people are making many friends, because they have to work together in order to save someone’s life. This experience makes them bond because they understand each other what working in the health care system implies. Having friends in such an environment makes the job look more pleasant, and they are able to help people because they work as a team. However, if someone graduated a medical school and s/he decides that s/he is not suited for working directly with the patients in a hospital, s/he can opt for one of the positions outside of direct patient care. They can work in areas like case management, education o discharge planning. Nurses do not have to apply only for positions only in hospitals and private practices, they can also be hired by schools, law firms, or insurance companies, because in a medium where a lot of people work, there is always a great need of a good nurse.

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