Why is it wise to use FIX API when trading?

The trading market is the largest market at the present moment, because people have understood the advantages they benefit from when investing money in this domain. More persons choose to become traders every day because they have access to plenty of information, which can help them become successful investors. The key of earning money in this domain is to invest in a trade you are good at, and find the suitable strategies for that type of investment. Beginners have no difficulties on learning how to act in this domain, because they have many sources from which to find the needed information. Nowadays people can read trading books written by experienced investors, or they can look for information online. Actually, it is advisable to research before investing, because there are many choices to be made. For example, a beginner trader has to decide upon the trading platform and broker, which will help him with his investments, and a liquidity provider.

Also, nowadays it is recommended for traders to use a trading software, in case they want to increase their earnings, because these systems help them predict the trends of the market. And, in case they want to continue the investing process when they are away from their computer, they can use a trading robot, which will do the same actions as they would do in a specific situation. However, in case they want to communicate better with their broker and liquidity provider, they should use an API FIX, which is the short name from Financial Information Exchange Application Programming Interface. It is an electronic communication protocol, which is used lately by many prime brokers, traders and banks. They do not use it only because it facilitates the communication between them, but also because it has many other advantages. Traders use it when they are not satisfied with the financial platform they are using, and its interface. In this case, the FIX API will ease their access.

Other situation when it is recommended to use this protocol is when the interface used by the trader has certain limitations, like the case when they need more ticks to fill an order, because this process slows down the efficiency of strategies. The users that need to maintain their anonymity in the system use this interface, and they want to keep their safety. Also, many of them consider it very useful when they want to connect with the liquidity provider, because it eases the process. However, in order for traders to benefit from the advantages of this platform they have to meet some requirements. In addition, before making a live connection with the broker or liquidity provider, they have to test the connection details, for being sure that everything goes well. Experienced traders advise the beginner ones to use a cross-connection with their liquidity provider, because this makes the process easier. Moreover, the ones who choose to use this protocol should know that they have the responsibility to maintain the performance and functionality of the system.

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