Signs you need a new grill

Even if you are that kind of person who cleans and covers his grill after using it, you have to know that in time grills might broke. If you see that it does not work properly anymore, while it is under warranty, you will do not have to worry, because the manufacturer will fix it, but in opposite case, you might want to consider the costs of repairing it and purchasing a new one. If you owe one of the electric BBQ grills for some years, you should inspect it carefully to notice if it still functions well. In case you are the person who uses it and cooks often, you will definitely notice any sign, which indicates that something is not working as it used to do. In case you are not familiar with your grill, you should pay attention at some things.

The first aspect you should inspect is the cooking surface. In case you notice that your grill features an uneven one, it might be a sign that the burners are not functioning at an even rate. In this situation or the burners are malfunctioning or the gas lines are obstructed. You should ask an experienced person to come and check it. Other sign that something might not function properly is if the controls are hot to the touch, because they have to be cool. In case you notice a change in their state, it might indicate that it has thermal insulation issues, the burners are not operating correctly or the heat shields are deteriorated. When you cook, you should pay attention to the color of the flame, because it has to be blue and in case is more yellow or orange, it might notice you that the gas is not fully combusted. This is an effect of a blockage caused by an insect. When you notice that flames are burning in an area different from the burners, your grill might have a leak, and you should take into consideration replacing it with one of the Weber grills on sale.

Sometimes you do not see anything, but you feel a strange smell when you start cooking, and if you feel smell of gas, then you might have to deal with gas leak. In this situation, you should contract a professional person to come and inspect the state of your grill, because there are many areas from where the leak might originate. Sometimes the passage of years affects the state of the grill, and you will see that yours is rusty or has a cracked firebox. In case there is only a little rust, you will can remove it with a stainless-steel brush, but if the cracks and rust are spread on a large area, you have to consider buying a new one. In case you notice one of these signs, you should check the grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions and if you are not able to repair it, you should contract an experienced person to do it or even buy a new one.

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