Reasons why you should get a 3D printer

At present, 3D printing continues to remain at the crossroad between innovation and practicality. This means that while having one makes sense for some applications, people have not managed to prove yet that you cannot live without CAD technology. Even though these machines that use additive manufacturing processes have recently penetrated the mainstream consciousness, they are still viewed as toys for computer experts. So the question is the following: do you actually need to buy 3D printer? You may not necessarily have to buy one, but you can greatly benefit from making such a purchase. More precisely, a printer will give you the possibility to launch a home-based business or simply engage in money-saving projects.

To begin with, a cheap 3d printer makes rapid prototyping more accessible. If your intention is to start a home-based business, then you will need a prototype to present to your project’s financers. The CAD technology is the simplest way to create a full-scale model. You have the opportunity to test your product, make improvements to the design and all this is realized in the comfort of your home. You do not have to go to a manufacturer to make a prototype, not to mention that you will be able to eliminate the costs involved. On the other hand, you can use the 3D technology to make your own household items. Instead of buying common household items, you could make them yourself. You are able to manufacture items, such as shower heads and garlic presses, and it is needless to mention that it is convenient compared to leaving the house or waiting for a delivery.

3D printing provides you the opportunity to manifest your creativity as well. This mean that you will be able to create and produce at your pace. One idea that you can try is making jewelry. For instance, consider making a wearable flower pot because it will spruce up any outfit and add a touch of color. Another option would be to manufacture a treasure chest in which you can keep your precious belongings. Of course there are many more ideas that you can transform into reality and you can either keep them for yourself or try to sell them. You will be surprised to see how popular original pieces are on the Web. What you create today, you can sell tomorrow.

Finally, what is considered to be the most interesting thing about 3D printers is that you are able to overcome the limitations of what has been manufactured before. Taking into consideration that people have different needs, so should their physical possessions. Basically the CAD technology will allow you to create almost everything that comes to your mind because you are able to determine the shape, size and color. However, this ability depends largely on the capabilities of the printer model that you are using. This means that if you do plan to get yourself a printer, make sure to buy a top-selling one because it will be optimized for particular applications.

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