Particularities of Asian Food

Many people love Asian food from the first minute they taste it. This is the result of the fact that the Asian cuisine is quite different, and it uses special ingredients and spices. If you are one of the persons who wants to learn how to cook Asian food for your family and friends you have to learn some basics. The Asian cuisine is rich and colourful, and not only that looks great but also has an aromatic flavour. People appreciate it for its excellent taste, so if you want to make real dishes you have to include three characteristics taste, aroma and colour. The specific taste of the oriental cuisine is the result of a mix of spices and ingredients. However, professional chefs divide food taste into five classes, sour, sweet, hot, bitter and salty. They consider very important to know how to season salt and sugar, vinegar or soy sauce in different sequences, because this is the factor, which influences the taste of the dish.

For example, if you are passionate of Chinese food, you have to know that depending on the area, people have different tastes. Therefore, in the southern China you will notice that they use to add more sugar when they cook. Related to the taste is the aroma of a dish, and to be able to cook an aromatic dish, Asian people add different types of seeds, like cinnamon, ash seeds or similar spices. Some of them are used to dispel the smells of particular ingredients like mutton, or fish. Other ingredients, like chili, ginger, cooking wine or garlic are used to transform the dish into more aromatic ones. Oriental food is well known for its great aspect, because a coloured dish will always be able to arise people’s interest. From the oldest times, the Asian people had played a special attention to the aesthetic appearance. They, even nowadays, focus on cooking dishes that feature a pleasant, bright, and harmonious colour. To achieve a beautiful appearance people add some ingredients that have different colours for decorating the main ingredient. They take care to choose ones that complement both the taste and appearance.

Therefore, if you take into consideration these three aspects, and you learn how to combine ingredients, then you should not have many troubles in learning to cook oriental food. Oriental dishes are easy to cook, they just look complex because people are used to eat them only at restaurants. For example, dishes like Egg Fried Rice or Mapo Tofu do not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to be ready. In addition, the ones that need a longer preparation time do not require a deep knowledge, because they consist of simple steps. You only need to purchase the ingredients you need from the local market or at the Asian supermarket from your town. You should know that reputable companies, which have as main purpose to offer their clients quality products, import these ingredients.

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