Discover the hidden beauties of Split

There are many persons that use to spend their holiday in the same location every year, but in this way, they are not able to discover the beauties offered by the world. Every continent has its hidden beauties and Europe offers people the opportunity to visit a new wonderful place every holiday. This is the reason why before planning a holiday, you should consider visiting a country not so well known, but which has much to offer, like Croatia. These places are waiting for you to discover them, and you will not be disappointed a single minute that you have chosen Croatia instead of Greece or Spain. One destination that amazes tourists is Split, which is the second largest town in Croatia, and very famous among the persons that want to spend their vacation in a place where modernity and history are present in the same time. The first thing you have to do when you arrive there is to rent a boat Split, and discover the beauties that nearby.

You will have the opportunity to see and admire amazing things both in Split but also in the surrounding waters. This location is famous for the islands that are situated close to it, and you have to be sure that you book a tour to see every one of them. You can start with the Blue Cave Croatia, which is considered a unique natural phenomenon in the world. It is situated in Bisevo Island, and its silvery-blue waters create a wonderful light refraction. Also, during your trip to the blue Cave you can also visit the Green cave, which features a hole on the top of the cave, that allows sunlight to enter inside. While being there you can swim or you can barrow a snorkeling mask and discover the underwater world. You can spent a whole day and visit various islands close to Split, and you will not feel bored, because there are amazing things to be admired at every step.

After you have visited the hidden caves, you should see visit the Island of Brac, which can offer tourists unexpected beauties. Here you will discover the famous Golden Horn, and the Zlatni Beach, which is one of the most amazing natural attractions on the seashore of Adriatic. You can practice water sports, like water skiing and wind surfing while being here, and when you feel tired, you can relax on the beach. One of the most popular locations you should see while being in Split is the Hvar town, which one of the most popular tourists’ destinations. The Hvar Island is the perfect place to visit if you want to relax, because it has amazing lavender fields, and a mild climate. This region is perfect for being discovered by foot, because you have to observe every detail that makes it unique. Besides the lavender fields, there are also hillsides covered with olive groves and pine forests.

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