Book a class trip to Barcelona for your students

Being a teacher is challenging, because you have to keep your students focused all the time, and try to make them understand the subject you are teaching. If you are teaching Spanish literature or a subject related to Spain, then you should take into consideration organizing a class trip to Barcelona for your students. Being there will allow them to understand better the culture of this wonderful Mediterranean country. Field trips offer students educational experiences from which they learn many things, and sometimes it can raise them the interest to a certain subject, so if you had students that were not interested in studying Spanish literature they might want to start reading Don Quixote at the very moment of their return. When you take them in a class trip to Barcelona, you can focus on seeing the nature centers, government agencies, or science museums.

You might already know that students love trips, and one in Spain will make them get more interested in learning new things about it. Klassresor, how it they are called in Sweden offer students real-world experiences. These experiences will enhance and illustrate them the information taught by your courses. Being in a trip does not mean that they cannot learn, actually field trips allow them to learn outside the classroom. They can understand better some aspects of a certain subject, or they can add some extra information at one learnt already. Barcelona is a city that provides many different educational facilities, so they can learn more in an interactive manner. For example, some museums allow students to touch some items, and do not forget that they have the opportunity to browse a truly Spanish library, so they might fall in love with one of the books found there. Nature centers allow them to understand the natural life from a Mediterranean country, so they might will be able to see why some specific characters behaved in a certain way.

You have the possibility to keep them a training or as it is called in Sweden träningsläger. A training is a break in their routine, is not the same with a classroom course, so they will enjoy finding some specific aspects of the Spanish culture, while having the opportunity to test it. In addition, you might know that different children have different ways of learning, so you will be amazed to see how the student you did not manage to make understand why Don Quixote behaved in that way now is able to interpret his acts. An important advantage for children when going in a field trip is that they have the opportunity to bond. These trips bring students together and while this one you can design some team-building activities. Yes, planning such a trip might take an incredible amount of time, but only thinking of the amazing things your students will be able to learn, makes it worth.

If you want to find more about träningsläger or klassresor, please click on these links!

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