The benefits of joining a logistics network

Being a freight forwarder these days is not as easy as some people may think, especially since over 50% of the market is dominated by multinational companies. Even potential collaborators are tempted to sign new contracts with established companies that have more credibility, over a smaller freight forwarder they have never heard of. This is why small forwarders should consider joining a logistics network, as it will bring them a lot of benefits they cannot afford to ignore. The first important advantage they receive by joining an alliance is the fact that they will exclusively represent that alliance in one territory, meaning that they will increase their business exponentially. An alliance offers its members the possibility to meet with each other, so those who do decide to join, will have the chance to establish new contacts and receive help where before they only found closed doors. The WCA family offers members reliable partners everywhere in the world, meaning that you will never have to work with unproductive or pad payers again.

Every member has to undergo a carefully structures selection process, but once you are selected you can count on the fact that everyone else has also been selected based on reputation, creditworthiness and business volume, so you will only have to gain. Of course, a major alliance will offer you more credibility in the eyes of potential collaborators. Rather than look at your company with uncertainty, they will always be willing to cooperate with someone recommended by a larger alliance, which vouches for its members and has a global brand that they know and respect. While these alliances do come with important advantages, members have to maintain and improve the quality of services they came with when they first joined it, in order to maintain their membership and enjoy all the benefits offered. Important alliances actually offer payment protection to their members, so you can always count on coverage against non-payment because of closure or bankruptcy.

Last but not least, one of the most important advantages that joining a logistics network will bring you is the fact that you will be able to attend an annual convention where all members will be present and thus you will get in contact with potential collaborators and expand your business successfully. These alliances have revolutionized the freight forwarding industry and have helped many small companies become successful and grow exponentially. Even though at first it may seem quite expensive to join this type of alliance, when you stop and think of all the advantages that you gain in terms of both costs and contacts, you will soon realize that it is worth the investment and that you will recover it without any problems. Why fight the large multinationals on your own, when you could have on your side the power of an entire alliance? Alliances offer their members routed cargo, freehands as well as the possibility to form new connections and establish fruitful partnerships while avoiding unreliable collaborators. It is always best to join an elite group of people and strive to improve the quality of your services constantly.

Are you interested in joining the WCA family? To find a logistics network please visit these links!

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