What is the right pallet racking system for you?

If you are about to open a new warehouse, you should start thinking of the pallet racking system that you want to implement, because it will influence the entire activity in your distribution centre. Whether you already have a warehouse and you are interested in a similar system or this is the first one you are about to open, no two warehouses can be completely the same and you will soon realise that you need customised solutions. Fortunately there are many types of racking systems that you can choose from, so when you collaborate with a specialist in this field you will certainly find the right solution for your needs. One of the most common types of systems for factories and business units is the adjustable pallet racking because it offers direct access to each pallet stored. You will need a reach forklift truck to make the most use out of this racking system, but you will find it very practical along the way.

Another popular system for factories and warehouses is the narrow aisle pallet racking. This system is better for warehouses with limited space, as it will help you take advantage of every inch in your deposit. For this system it is recommended that you use a VNA Man up turret forklift because it enables you to reach every shelf without any problems. If you are planning to implement FIFO or FILO operations in your warehouse, the drive-in pallet racking system will work better for you. The pallets will be inserted into lanes for high density storage and you will not have any problems in storing all your goods successfully. This method works best for warehouses with a lot of space and it will certainly allow you to organise it perfectly. If you are planning to have an outdoors storage space or something similar, the galvanised pallet racking is your best bet, as it offers direct access to each pallet stored. Galvanised steel is known for its resistance and since the shelves will be exposed to water and other weather conditions, it is good to know that they won’t rust too easily.

As you can see there are many types of racking to choose from, so you should consider your options carefully in order to make the right decision. If you are not sure what to choose you can always ask the racking specialists and they will be able to come up with a suitable solution for your needs. If you invest in the right type of racking from the beginning, you will never have to worry about this in the future, unless you want to expand your deposit. To find a suitable racking supplier you can always do some research, as there are many service providers available on the market. Make sure you choose a supplier that has SEIRS certified installers, just so that you will not have to worry about safety either. When you collaborate with the right team, you can always count on the fact that you will receive exactly what you needed for your business.

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