Learn how to clean your print head

You should know that a printer has a removable print head that contains the ink cartridges. If you want to maintain your printer in a good condition you should print a few color and black pages once a week, because in this way you will prevent clogging and you will keep the ink flowing. If at a certain moment you forget to use your printer regularly, you will have to deal with dried or blocked nozzles. In this case, you have to dissolve the dried ink, and you should use a cleaning cycle located in the printer’s software utility. It will clear up all the minor clogs, but if the cleaning cycle does not work, or clears it incompletely, you should try to clean the Ricoh Gen4, before considering buying a new one.

People have reported multiple ways of resolving this problem, and you can follow their advice and try to do it by yourself with little or no money. The first step you have to do is to remove the printer heads and the ink tanks. When you remove the ink tanks, you should be careful to place them in a sealable plastic bag, and set them aside in an upright position. When you remove the printer head, you should wear latex gloves, because in this way you will keep the ink off your skin. You should soak the printer head, and people have suggested multiple ways to do it. The thing you should be concerned is to protect the head circuit of the Ricoh Gen5 from damage by using a shallow pan or paper tools, and place it in a container. Cover the paper towels with water heated up via microwave or you can use in its place a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and ammonia. You should not boil the mixture, you should only heat it up for a minute. When you obtained this substance, you should pour it on the paper towels and obtain ½ inch of water in the bottom of the pan.

You should place the printer head on the top of the towels and put it into the container. You have to move it several times from place to place, and see the ink going out. Sometimes the printer is badly clogged, and in this situation, you should leave it soak for at least 4 hours or even overnight. After doing this, you put it under a softly running water tap. Take care to be warm water and put your finger over the tap. In this way, you allow the water to fill in the crevices of the device, because you create backpressure. When you see that the water is clear, you can remove the printer head. Let it to air dry on some towels, and reinsert it in the printer. If this process does not improve the state of your print head, then you should take into consideration looking online for a new one.

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