Are original print heads worth the investment?

If you own an industrial printer and you need to use it at full capacity, you will probably need to change the print heads quite often. Since original heads can come at a step price, there are many buyers who consider the possibility of buying replicas, as a way to save some money and lower their costs. However, they do not realize how much they have to lose, even if at a first sight they might consider that deal quite profitable. Any printer that works with a Xaar 128/80 pl will not give the same results if you choose a knock off in its place. In fact, if you choose to replace the original head on your printer with one that isn’t original, you risk damaging it. Fake heads will most likely not have the same quality and they will not be able to be properly used by your printer, which is why the risk of damaging it increases exponentially.

There are a few people who have replaced their Xaar 126/35 pl with a fake one, only to realize that their printer has stopped functioning. Even if the printer does not stop completely, chances are it will still not perform as well as the original and you will receive poor quality results. While non-original heads can be considerably less expensive, the costs you will have to pay because of not being able to produce the same amount or quality of printed materials should also be taken under advisement before buying such a product. If you lose your clientele because they are not satisfied with the quality of their printed materials, the fact that you made some savings before won’t seem so important.

Another aspect to consider before buying fake heads for your printer is the fact that there are dedicated suppliers on the market who offer original products at very good rates. Even though the prices will still be slightly higher than the fake version, you will have the peace of mind that your printer will continue to work perfectly and you will not have any problems in the future. Original print heads will allow you to use the printer for a very long time and avoid any problems or malfunctions. When you think about how much it would cost to fix a printer problem, especially when you have an industrial one, you will soon realize that investing a bit more money in an original product is worth the effort.

Last but not least, whether this is the first time you need to replace the print head or you are looking for a way to cut back on some costs, compromising the quality of your services is certainly not worth it. When you put into balance all the disadvantages of using a fake product, spending a little more on the original product will not seem such a bad idea. Provided that you make some research online, you can always trust that you will find a good price for an original product that will allow you to continue producing high quality materials.

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