What to do before and after a job interview

Congratulations, your CV has been selected for a job interview and now you have to meet with one of the IT recruitment agencies you have been applying at all this time. With this in mind, you will have to prepare very well for this interview if you want to have any chances to surpass your opponents and be chosen for the job. Many candidates overlook minor details that could potentially make all the difference, especially if the employer must choose between them and another person with the same qualifications. So when you are about to attend an interview the first thing to consider is to make sure you have a printed resume at hand. Many employers cannot access it right away, so it is always best to have with you, as it will make the base of your entire conversation. In addition, you should always have with you a notebook and a pen, as you may want to write some things down. Even if you don’t write anything, it still makes a good impression to take these items with you.

Furthermore, make sure you wear a nice and clean outfit and that you have clean shoes on. There might be that saying that urges people to dress for the job they want, but just because you are applying for food jobs, it does not mean that you should attend your interview wearing an apron. Also, be sure to have a calendar with all your future activities at hand, just in case the interviewer wants to set the date of your next interview right away. After the interview, you should remember that you still have a few things to do, so don’t rest easy right away. Regardless of how you think you did, you should write on a piece of paper everything you remember from the interview. Make sure you write both the good things and the bad and set in mind what you can do to improve this experience should you have another interview in the future. Send a thank you note to your interviewers, because not only will it make a good impression, but they will also remember you. Chances are they will have interviewed several people that day, so you have the chance to stand out from the crowd a bit.

If you feel that you did really well at this interview and you have great chances of being called to the next stage of the recruitment process, consider applying for another job as well, while your morale is still up. It never hurts to have more options, as you will gain some leverage in case you need to negotiate your salary. Of course, just because you did well at the first interview, it does not mean that you should not prepare for the second one just as thoroughly in case you do get called. The first impression you make is very important, but during the second interview the recruiters will actually decide whether or not you are the best person for their job.

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