Types of hardwood flooring you should consider

Wood flooring has the ability to completely upgrade the look of any environment, whether school or restaurant. Nonetheless there are so many material options to choose from that at times it might be difficult sorting out through all of them. For instance, you have laminate carpeting, ceramic tile, vinyl and the list goes on. Choosing the right type is the first step in planning the installation of a new floor for a restaurant, school or even hotel. Therefore, it is important to discuss the main types of hardwood floors, so that you can figure out which one will best suit the space.

Although parquet industriale comes in many styles and sizes, there are main types that you should take into consideration: solid wood and engineered wood. To begin with, solid -wood flooring can be either finished or unfinished. The only issue with unfinished wood flooring is that it has to be job-site sanded, not to mention finished after installation. Solid wood flooring is made available in three main types, more precisely wide planks, wide strips and even parquet squares. The most popular one of them all is strip flooring because the wood planks are thick and there is the possibility of buying wood floors with strips that vary between one and three inches. Planks that range from three to seven inches are more suitable for wide-open spaces, meaning larger rooms.

Homeowners tend to choose traditional, unfinished hard wood owing to the fact that it is fairly affordable. But so can you because you will be able to stay within the given budget. In addition to this, they have the possibility of opting for stain color or just leaving it like it is, meaning natural. However, you should know that wood may be a renewable source, but some species take a very long time to grow back. So, if you are inclined to buy solid wood flooring, make sure to buy responsibly harvested wood.

The next on the list is engineered-wood flooring, the most popular type of DIY wood floor. There is a big difference between this type of wood flooring and laminate wood flooring. The distinctness lies in the fact that laminate flooring does not contain actual wood. On the other hand, engineered-wood flooring is made up of several wood layers glued together. The construction is very stable from a dimensional point of view, even more stable than solid-wood flooring. If you are considering buying engineered-wood flooring, then the top veneer should be at least 1/8 inch thick because this will allow you to sand and refinish it when necessary.

Even if there are other types of hardwood flooring you can consider, like parquet Bologna, solid wood and engineered wood are the best options available on the market. Besides the fact that they are extremely beautiful, they are also an environmentally-friendly option. Your final decision will ultimately depend on several factors. More precisely, when shopping for hardwood flooring you should firstly consider the size of the floorboards and of course the price. This information is vital when beginning your search.

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