Chronic pain: a complex health condition

Chronic pain is as dangerous as it is common. Despite the fact that more than 100 million Americans have been diagnosed with a form of chronic pain, this condition is far from being completely understood, mostly because it can be triggered by a variety of factors and it requires a different approach depending on the area of the body that is affected. While some occurrences are triggered after a localized trauma, it is also possible for a patient to experience excruciating chronic pain even without apparent musculoskeletal damage. Unlike acute pain, which only lasts for a limited time, chronic pain can last for months, even years, thus preventing patients from living their usual lifestyle. To continue going to their jobs and enjoying life, these patients often have to take very strong, narcotic-like pain relievers such as Tramadol, which are only available with a prescription. Such drugs can sometimes be hard to find, especially when they are not available in all countries. For example, American patients often don’t know where to buy Tramadol in land-based drugstores so they order it online.

Chronic pain can be triggered in various area of the body, mostly being described as a sharp, stabbing or throbbing sensation. It can be continuous or appear suddenly throughout the day. The most common forms of chronic pain manifest as headaches, lower back pain, wrist pain and general joint pain. If this were purely a physical problem, perhaps it would be easier to treat, but it also affects patients on a mental level. Living with constant pain also triggers anxiety, irritability and depression. People feel helpless because they can no longer work and enjoy life as usual, which makes them lead a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the immune system is weakened and the body no longer produces the same amount of natural painkillers. As fatigue and stress settle in, patients may already be in need of psychological counselling and ongoing support from their friends and families. There are several effective drugs out there, but before patients can take them they have to be properly diagnosed. This is a process that can take even months, depending on the testing equipment in the medical facility.

Although the medical world has taken huge leaps in understanding the typology of chronic pain, more research is still needed. Moreover, effective treatments are not readily available everywhere. For example, the aforementioned Tramadol, one of the most powerful and effective painkillers, is easier to find in Europe than the US. If you want to buy Tramadol USA, you should look for it online, because you have better chances of finding it. However, you should pay attention to the supplier. There are plenty of online stores out there, but you should only order from an authorized one. Last, but not least, chronic pain, being a complex medical condition, requires a complex approach that sometimes may not be limited to just medicine. In many cases, patients are recommended to go to a physiotherapist or even to a psychologist, if pain causes stress and anxiety.

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