Should men pay more attention to their footwear?

One of the biggest mistakes that men can possibly make is not spend enough money on shoes. The truth is that style actually begins from the bottom, meaning that the first thing anyone will notice is the feet. Therefore, footwear is vital to any look and buying loafers will not clear out your bank account. It is possible to have a fashionable wardrobe without having to spend a fortune, but it is not likely to get a pair of quality shoes without spending a little more. Footwear should not be regarded as a set-back, but rather as an investment. But is it worth paying so much attention to your footwear? Actually it is. People are mostly judge based on their appearance, meaning that if you wear the wrong of shoes you will make a bad impression. In order to figure out what kind of person you are people resort to your look. What happens for instance if you go to an interview wearing a pair of loafers of poor quality? Well, you will definitely not get the job because you send the wrong message.

In other words, wearing torn footwear tells the interviewer that you do not care very much about your overall look, and persons who are sloppy when it comes to their professional appearance are usually sloppy with their work as well. You will have the same effect on women as well. Even though you may not care very much about fashion, women do and shoes are the first thing they look at. Moccasins reflect not only the personality of the person who wears them, but also his financial situation. In terms of fashion tips, you should always match the footwear to the belt and never let anyone see that you are wearing white socks. While style is never a substitute for personality, the right footgear can give you an edge. The main point is that if you want to impress a woman, you need a pair of fly London shoes. The only problem is that good footwear has not gotten cheap over the years. Yet, if you purchase a quality pair of winter boots or dress shoes, they will last you even 20 years. Taking into consideration that most quality footwear is handmade, quality finish is a guarantee. When you invest in quality boots, you get something that is durable. Lesser manufacturing flaws mean that the shoe will last longer. You must remember to care for them properly to maintain their look fresh.

Fortunately nowadays you can find a decent pair of shoes even under $300. If you spend less than this, then you are simply cheating yourself. Cheap footwear looks bad, so you will be able to spot it even from a couple of pictures. What you wear does matter, especially if you are a guy. In today’s world dressing sloppy is not acceptable anymore considering that the Internet has made it easier to set up a wardrobe. The most important thing to remember is that styles begins from the bottom up. Footwear means the difference between being perceived as a regular guy and a potent male.

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