How medical transcription works

Nowadays documentation is very important in medicine, and speech recognition is one of the solutions found for clinical documentation. Many times the recognition takes place with the help of a server, because it increases productivity, and decreases the delay of information. Speech recognition servers use mathematic probabilities to determine how often certain words appear in a context. The process involves the converting of digitized signals from the microphone into written phonemes. The database was developed with the usage of samples captured from native speakers. When phonemes are recognised, the next step done by the software is to focus on sentence analysis. In this step of transforming speech to text, the recognised words are compared with other words using a language model and a probability tree. This analysis calculates the probability of the appearance of a combination of words.

The process of establishing an interaction between human speech and computer applications has many implications. The main goals of this interaction is to make 100% of all patient’s health records in an electronic form. This software offers doctors convenience, flexibility and efficiency in recording patients’ health state, and the treatment they are following. Medical transcription will enhance documentation in multiple ways. Nowadays the need of documentation for every patient is increasing, and it has to be stocked in an accurately and promptly way. This documentation has to be optimised according to the patient’s state. The need of a specialised software for medical transcription is increasing, because there are not many experienced medical transcriptionists to meet the demands of modern medicine. Medical transcription software is the right tool that might help clinics to keep up with documentation requirements. Also, it is the right way to make doctors and health care clinicians more productive in the documentation process. There are researches that are showing that a considerable percent of the health clinics executives use this technology to increase the efficiency of their services.

This technology delivers documentation in a faster way, and the medical personnel can rely on the accuracy of dates. When people are doing the medical transcriptions, there might appear misunderstandings due to the handwriting, or they might not hear the right word in a sentence. These mistakes affect the process of diagnosing and supervising of the patient. The greatest advantage of using this software is that transcriptions are processed fast, and this helps the treatment process. If the information is delayed, doctors might not be able to make the right decisions. Medical transcriptions improve the wait time dramatically, because the physicians can dictate, edit and sign reports in just a few minutes. When using this application the tests’ results are on the doctor’s desk in just a couple of hours. The clinics that use the voice recognition system will experience reduced costs, because there are not needed many persons to manually produce the dictation, review the text and correct mistakes. This software increases productivity, and this is why more and more health clinics plan to use it.

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