Feel confident to smile with dental implants!

You should not lose your smile when you lose your teeth, you should be able to laugh all your life. You may know that many people suffer tooth loss, and in many cases, it has as cause gingivitis, and tooth decay. However, if you are one of these persons, you do not have to worry, because nowadays there are many treatments available. One of these options is dental implant, which is a substitute for your dental root. It acts like an anchor for a replacement tooth, and it will look exactly as your natural one. If you decide to have an Ottawa dental implant, you should know that the rate of success of this procedure is up to 90%, and in many cases, it lasts a lifetime.

Many persons choose to get a dental implant when they lose their teeth, because it has many advantages. When you lose a natural tooth you also lose your ability to chew, and on long term, this might have as result the loss of other tooth. Dental implants help you eat easier, because they function exactly as your teeth. You will be able to enjoy your favourite foods, without feeling pain. Many years there was no other solution for tooth loss, than removable dentures, but nowadays you have the opportunity of replacing your natural teeth with implants that become part of you. You will be able to speak normally, and you will not have to worry that one of your teeth might slip. The main advantage of these implants is that when you get this Ottawa cosmetic dentistry procedure, the doctor will not reduce any of your natural teeth. Because your own teeth will remain untouched, you will benefit from an improved oral health.

They are very durable, so you can enjoy smiling without any worry for many years. You might think that dental implants are not for everyone, but if you are healthy enough, you can undergo this procedure. You have to have enough bone and healthy gums to be able to keep the implant in place. If you will be committed to a good oral hygiene, you will enjoy their benefits for a long period. You are a good candidate if you are not a heavy smoker, and if you do not suffer from an uncontrolled chronic disorder like heart diseases or diabetes. The person who can tell you if you can get these implants is your doctor, so you should talk with him. You do not have to worry that your new tooth needs a special care, because implants have to be cared in the same way real ones need. You should brush, floss and rinse them with antibacterial mouthwash regularly and check your doctor’s office from time to time. After you found what the many benefits of having a dental implant are, you should be able to decide easier, and consult with your doctor upon the shape, size and brand you should use.

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