Types of pallet racking systems

One of the biggest secrets behind successful businesses is the fact that they run efficiently. Naturally, the less time and effort it takes to complete a task, the better the bottom line will eventually look. If you have a warehouse that needs to be managed, you should also keep in mind the fact that the same rules apply here as well. Just because it is filled with boxes or various products, it does not mean that having an efficient system is not necessary. To this extent, choosing the right pallet racking system is crucial for the future success of your warehouse, which is why you should always make sure you consider all necessary aspects. The right system will increase the amount of storage that you have available and will allow you to get faster to your merchandise.

One of the most common warehouse racking systems is the selective pallet racking, mainly because it is very cost effective and allows easy access to all products. You can use heavy duty racks in this system and you will be able to store virtually anything regardless of the size of your products, as they can hold up to 2000 kg. This type of system usually comes in two configurations: a bolt-together structure or a roll formed one. With the roll formed selective rack pallets rest on the horizontal beams. These shelves can be easily adjusted to different heights, making them a great choice for a warehouse that stores products with different sizes. Similar with the roll formed rack systems, the structural pallet ones have the lead beams attached with bolts to the uprights, making them better for storing heavier products. These are also adjustable and can be reconfigured if necessary.

Another type of system is the drive-in or drive-through one. This is one of the most efficient storage solutions and it is perfect for large warehouses. The drive-in system requires operators to drive into the warehouse and come back using the same door. It works best with the Last-In, First-Out inventory manner, while the Drive-Thru system allows operators to enter and exit the warehouse using different entrances, therefore making it suitable for the First-In, First-Out inventory manner. Those who want to take full advantage of every but of space they have available, might be happier with the harrow aisle racking system. It is suitable for warehouses that operate with a man-up lift truck that can navigate through the narrow aisles. In addition, this system allows users to take advantage of the vertical space and thus maximize their storage capacity.

These are the most common types of pallet racking systems. There are a few other options, but those who are just now trying to organise an effective warehouse should choose something that is easy to understand and put into practice. All these systems have their pros and cons and are better suited for a certain type of storage system, which is why managers should consider how they want their warehouse to look and what their needs will be in order to make the right decision.

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