Step by step guide on how to pick up women

Nowadays men find difficult to talk with a woman, because they do not know how they should start a conversation. Often the first discussion is the most important one, and this will decide if they will have a first date or not. Many men do not know that communication is the most important factor when they try to pick up a woman, and that body language makes up more than 80% of the process. Even young persons have approach anxiety, because they do not know that women have the ability of picking up subconscious signals men send. Men should not worry that they send the wrong signs through their body language, because they can modify their body language, to transmit exactly the wanted message. However, there are some rules that will help even a shy man to successfully pick up a woman.

The first step in seduction game is to be always prepared, because men meet women at every step, and they have to be ready to see the hidden smile of a woman, interpret it and starting a conversation. Many persons got their pickups in usual places, so a road to the supermarket might end with a new pick up. Women do not expect to find a man when they do their groceries, and if a man approaches them, they will feel flattered. In addition, when meeting a beautiful woman in a store, it is easier to start a conversation, because men can base on what is around them. They can choose to comment about a certain aspect when they are waiting or while they are shopping. The next step in this guide on how to pick up women is an advice for men. They should not use pickup lines, because women appreciate spontaneous men. They can start a conversation by commenting and complementing something she wears, and it is important to anticipate the woman reaction.

Many men do not try to talk with women because they fear rejection. They should not keep rejection in mind because what they fear that they will get. They should not have the result in mind when trying to talk with a woman, and they should start the conversation having in mind that they just want to talk with someone while waiting in line, and not to get a date. If the conversation goes well and the woman accepts to go out with them at a first date, they should see this as a bonus. They should know that a few jokes and a warm smile would ease their work. The nest step in the process of getting a first date is to understand the woman’s body language. They should be able to interpret the subtleties and signs a woman gives them. A few signs that a woman is nervous or uncomfortable is if she taps things. If she runs her hand through her hair or plays with her earlobe, then she is interested and she will definitely accept a first date. These simple steps would help men picking up women successfully.

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