How to have a perfect destination Sikh wedding

Although most couples choose to hold the wedding ceremony in their hometown, destinations weddings are gaining ground, becoming a coveted alternative among brides and grooms from many cultures, including the Sikh one. The reasons for this transition are clear. On the one hand, the newlyweds can unite their destinies in a beautiful, exotic location, have an intimate ceremony only with their closest friends and save money on decorations. On the other hand, couples and their families may want to organize the wedding elsewhere because the union is not approved within the Gurudwara. However pleasant the idea of a wedding away from home might seem, the planning process can still involve a bit of stress, especially in terms of choosing the location and doing all the preparations needed for the officiating of the Sikh wedding ceremony. If you are planning a destination wedding, here are some things that you should consider in advance.

First of all, establish the location of the destination Sikh Wedding in a place that is suitable for both you and the guests. It can be anything from a popular resort in South America to a secluded island or a nice place in the Canadian mountains. Ideally, you should ask close friends and family in advance how far they would be willing to travel and to what location. If some of the people you value the most are physically or financially unable to travel to your dream location, you might consider changing it or going the extra mile to help guests get there. For inspiration, have a look at the most popular locations for destination weddings and discuss each option with your loved ones. This way, everyone involved will have a great time and guests will also experience your wedding as a vacation.

Secondly, keep in mind the importance and meaning of Sikh wedding rituals and find someone who can officiate the ceremony. Needless to say, this should be an experienced priest who speaks your language and who can give the ceremony a solemn, yet welcoming atmosphere. There are many Sikh wedding priests who can travel abroad and officiate your wedding, so that you can feel at home and enjoy a blissful and uplifting ceremony. Priests follow the Sikh procedures by the books, reading and singing words from the Scripture. Many couples who have been to traditional weddings within the Gurudwara and to destination weddings have actually said that the latter option feels more personal, intimate and spiritual.

You should discuss a plan with the officiants in advance, just to make sure they have everything they need, and with a representative of the resort, to make sure that they allow every step of the ceremony. Keep in mind that if part of the guests are not familiar with Sikh rituals, you should hand out papers about the steps of the ceremony and their meaning. All in all, a destination wedding can be very beautiful and uplifting, as long as you have your loved ones by your side and find a professional priest that can make everyone feel the deep spiritual meaning of the Sikh matrimony.

To learn more about the rituals of a Sikh wedding ceremony and plan a destination Sikh wedding, please click on the links here!

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