Signs that vaginal tightening is needed

At some point in their lives, women suffer from a loose vagina. Every woman experiences this issue and many of them discover it when it affects their sex life and sometimes their general state of mind. This issue often has a negative impact on women’s emotional, relational and physical well-being. Among these problems many women experience also incontinence, when coughing, sneezing or while having intercourse as well as vaginal prolapse. The most recognized cause of vagina loosening is considered pregnancy, especially if the woman has a traumatic or prolonged vaginal delivery. This condition makes them use vagina tightening creams alongside Kegel exercises, because many specialists recommend this type of treatment.

There are many reason why women have a loose vagina, but some of them are more common that the others. The commonest cause is childbirth, and every new childbirth increases a woman’s chances to become loose. In some conditions, like having the child in a cluster the vagina is even more affected. Some women can regain tightness after a few months, but some of them have to live with this issue all their life. Another reason that causes vagina loosening is fisting. If it is not done properly, and the vagina is not given time to recover after each session, this causes severe loosening. Double fisting or punching should be avoided, because they definitely cause this condition. Often, women that use oversized sex toys will need to use a pelvic floor toner, because these items cause a worse loosening than fisting does. Some women consider that vaginal intercourse may cause them permanent stretching, but this is a very rare case.

There are some signs that help women notice if that they have a loose vagina. Many women that experience this condition also have to deal with stress incontinence or urine leaking. This side effect is an embarrassing one, and it commonly occurs when the muscles that support the bladder and control the release of urine become weak. This type of incontinence is different from the normal one because the woman leaks only when she does activities that increase the stress on the bladder. Some activities like lifting heavy objects can cause it. Sometimes, urinary tract infection or obesity can lead to stress incontinence. Other sign that women deal with vagina loosening is if they have trouble with achieving orgasm. An orgasm is the result of sexual stimulation, and many women that experience this issue are not able to feel it. Sometimes this sign is associated with reduced sexual pleasure, for both the woman and her partner. The women that are tighter feel an ample pleasure during intercourse and when they are not able to have a healthy sex life anymore; they should take into consideration having these issues. Vagina loosening is not a condition that cannot be overcome; there are many techniques that help women and their partners to enjoy having a healthy sex life. They can choose from a wide range of natural creams, gels or pelvic floor toners.

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