Visit a garden festival and get inspired

When people want to find a source of inspiration for their garden they are looking online, in gardening magazines, or they are asking for a gardener’s advice, but they do not take into consideration going to a garden festival. Garden festivals are the perfect opportunity garden designers have to show the world the art of gardening, and landscaping. These festivals are local and regional, and this gives people the opportunity of easily finding inspiration close to their house. Because garden design is the trend of the moment, both permanent and temporary garden festivals are held all over the world. They are organised close to a historical site, because if they tourists can also visit them. Therefore, they combine historical attractions with exhibitions.

Some of the garden festivals have a theme, and this helps visitors to choose what festival they want to see. Behind every exhibition is a story, which combines design with different ideas. Some festivals tell the tale of ferns that are abandoned and forgotten and started to grow in a place similar to an airport hangar. The garden festival located in Tatton Park is an example of this idea, and its designers choose to place it in a utilitarian location, because it gives it a dramatic look. Some festivals are designed especially for children, and feature spectacular topiaries and floral displays. Children can admire some of their favourite Disney characters in shape of garden decorations, and parents can choose to create in their garden one of these characters.

If there are persons that want to create a boho look for their garden, they would definitely find inspiration in a garden festival. They can start their plant hunting in a festival that has such a theme, because there they would find pressed flowers hanged on little pieces of glasses and spread around the garden. If there are persons that want to create a special garden in the back of their house, they should inspire from a festival where carnivore pitcher plants are hanging in baskets. Their visitors will have the feeling that they are in a place where everything can be a dinner. Garden lovers can find new species of plants at a festival, and this can help them to redesign their garden for the next year. They can see how different species interfere, and how certain types of flowers look when they are combined. Some people are afraid of designing their garden as a monochromatic space, but there they can see how a purple hydrangea garden would look if it is placed in the front of a white house. While visiting a garden festival, people are not seeing only different plant species, they could also see garden improvement products. They can find out what accessories would complement the look of their garden, and what items they should place there to allow them to spend more time outside their house. These festivals are a great opportunity to figure out what ornaments, plants and garden furniture people should use when designing their outdoor space.

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