Financial benefits of unlocking your iPhone

The vast majority of people are used to monthly costs associated with cell service, not to mention great deals such as a free of charge cell upgrade at the expense of a down payment. Cell carriers like AT&T or Verizon are constantly advertising great deals, so that it is virtually impossible not to be tempted. After all, who wouldn’t like a nice iPhone for little or no money at all? Although it may sound like an offer you can’t refuse, the truth is that the monthly subsidy is actually integrated in the phone plan price, meaning the cell phone bill. Nothing is for free, especially a high-performing mobile device. You will end up paying more than the market value of the mobile device. If you add the costs of international data packages, then you pay a fortune.

To pay less in the long run, you should unlock iPhone 5. Only by breaking the tie between hardware and carrier will you be able to work with any cell provider you like. An unlocked mobile device gives you the possibility to switch to a short-term plan, meaning that you can use prepaid GSM services. Even though you may fear that by patching you mobile device you consequently invalidate the warranty, you will not face trouble as long as you choose a trusted provider. As soon as you don’t have contractual liability for the phone cost, you can end your contract and save a lot of cash. Moving to a month-to-month prepaid deal will cut the bill in half, if not lower than that. It is needless to say that deciding to unlock iPhone 5S ensures you bargaining power. In order to prevent you from leaving, the carrier will stop at nothing to make you change your mind. For instance, you can get a cheaper service-only contract or you may be offered a fancy new device. However, to avoid paying $100-$200 a month, don’t get fooled by these offers. What you should do is tell the carrier you’ve paid your mobile device and that you are willing to pay only for the service. Only if you are presented a cheaper deal than current prepaid ones is it worth it.

More importantly being able to use a SIM card from another carrier means you can pay less for roaming services. Businesspeople or those who are frequently travelling abroad either pay expensive roaming charges or they simply find out that the cell phone is not working. To avoid these situations, it is better to work with a cheap SIM card coded for the country’s particular cell network. This is more affordable compared to the international service provided by a carrier. Finally, when you decide you want a mobile device upgrade you can sell your patched one and even receive a higher price for the phone since it is unlocked. An unlocked cell lets the buyer use it under his current carrier contract or shop around for a prepaid deal. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

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