The importance of surgical case reports in research and education

As a general surgeon, there are a few cases in your career that are bound to challenge your medical knowledge and your skills. Even though all diseases have something in common, there are always a few special cases that are out of the general limits and require a special attention from your part. This is why submitting a general surgery case report whenever you have had a special case becomes vital in order to allow other doctors to understand the factors that came into play and know how to deal with a similar situation in the future. Case reports are usually considered some type of anecdotal evidence and are placed at foot of the hierarchy of clinical evidence. However, they still play an important role in medical research, particularly in helping doctors recognize new diseases and identify adverse reactions of certain treatments. For instance, an anesthesiology case report can highlight the effects that a certain medical product had on the patient and how the lead doctor handled the situation. This could be invaluable information for someone who deals with a similar case and wants to make sure the patient will have the best possible outcome.

Surgery is one of the most demanding medical fields because it requires doctors to make instant decisions when something does not go as planned and all these decisions will be listed in the general surgery case report together with the results they obtained. Case reports also play an important role in understanding rare diseases and how to deal with them when they occur. Surgeons can always rely on case reports to help them make an idea regarding how to approach certain cases and offer their patients the best possible treatment. The reason why case reports almost always contain new diseases or special cases is because unremarkable cases are highly unlikely to be published. Nobody wants to read a case report of an appendectomy, but one of a rare abdominal tumor will certainly spike the interest of many medical professionals. The same goes for an anesthesiology case report: only the special cases get to be published as they are the ones that doctors find the most useful.

Even though case reports are not as valued as other types of clinical evidence because they have some methodological limitations such as the lack of statistical sampling, they still play a very important role in the evolution of medicine and they help doctors dealing with a special case to understand how others may have acted in similar situations. These days doctors have access to case reports from all over the world and can easily find the information they need, especially when they subscribe to an online database that is constantly updated by doctors from all over the world. Case reports have become a very popular way of spreading information in the medical world and online journals offer doctors access to everything they need to understand a case a find a suitable treatment plan for their patients.

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