Things you should know about medical case reports

If you have chosen to start your career in the medical field, then you will probably need to deal with a lot of case reports. A medical case report is a detailed document consisting in all the relevant pieces of information related to the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and follow up of a certain patient. In addition to this, taking into consideration that the report is related to an individual patient, it may also contain details about is medical history, their demographic profile, evolution, special mentions or unusual occurrences. These reports can be done in any sub sector of the health domain, and a microbiology and virology case report may not be as rare as it seems.
In addition to this, even the most niched sub domains benefit from dedicated reports doctors can rely on, like nuclear medicine case report. This type of works has played a crucial role in the evolution of technology, since they offer doctors or students a reliable source of information. This way, they get the possibility to discover new things, by analysing previous cases, similar to the ones they may have to treat.

Firstly, you need to know that there are many types of case reports, depending on the topic they are offering information about. Mainly, the reports can be developed on six topics: the association between certain symptoms and a particular disease, an unexpected event that may cause a twist in a patient’s recovery or treatment, finding new treatment patterns for a condition, discovering new particularities of an illness, trying unique treatment approaches or different variations in the anatomical structure of the patient. All these topics may be related to a wide range of medical sectors. This means that they apply on almost any condition, so no matter what your patient suffers from, you will find the information you need, because there is probably a report about a similar case.

Although the case report is based on a concrete situation, there is a lot of research behind it. Normally, the document is considered anecdotal evidence, being a basic clinical evidence, as well as case series. In spite of the fact that they are based on particular cases, the reports are a valuable source of information for those who are dealing with a difficult case or are studying a certain diseases. They provide all sorts of particularities that may also be found in other situations, helping doctors find patters that can lead them to useful solutions and treatments. Besides this, the reports often offer relevant data about the results delivered by certain medicines in certain situations. Furthermore, by analysing them, doctors can understand easier the spectrum of a rare disease. Given the fact that case reports inspect a lot of variables related to the same topic, these woks provide a lot of perspectives and new ideas in terms of medical approaches. Another great utility of medical reports is education: taking into consideration their comprehensive structure, they enable students to use a structure for case-based learning.

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